Registration Information


The registration process for high school classes took place in April 2021.  Grade 9 feeder school visits and course selections for all grades were completed by the end of May 2021.

  • Our school schedule was built based upon the selections students made in the spring. 
  • Course changes were completed September 8-10th through a review process beginning with home room teachers.  These were for extenuating circumstances for student graduation planning.
  • Students can book appointments with Guidance Counsellors or other Pod members to assist them with their future planning.  

If you are NEW to the school or MISSED registration in the spring see below:

  • Below is a link to the course handbook to assist you in planning.  Please note: some courses may not have space available and it is important to consider extra options in your choices.  It would be very helpful for you to have an idea of what courses you hope to take.
  • We require you to book an appointment by calling the main office @ 902 368 6860.  
  • If you were not born in Canada, you must 1st contact the EAL reception centre before coming to the school or calling us at Colonel Gray.  The EAL reception centre will contact the school to confirm appointments.

Please bring with you:

  1. The completed PSB registration form
  2. A selection of desired courses (complete the working copy below and read carefully page 4 of the Colonel Gray Course Selection Handbook to understand graduation requirements.
  3. Proof of residency / address.

Students arriving late to PEI to attend courses in High School after the first mid-term reporting period (November) will be auditing courses only.  "For-credit courses" can be selected for February 2022.

2021-2022 Course Information:

Flexible Learning Opportunities:

Registration for International Students:

  • EAL/FAL Reception Centre – If your child was born in a country other than Canada, and/or you speak a language other than English or French at home, you will need to contact the EAL/FAL Reception Centre (902) 620-3738 before your child registers at a Prince Edward Island public school.
  • The EAL/FAL Reception Centre will then arrange a registration meeting with the appropriate school.
  • Prince Edward Island Association for Newcomers – Resources and support for students new to Prince Edward Island

Register your child for school in Prince Edward Island