Pay Student Fees

Create an account or sign-in to School Cash

Colonel Gray High School provides an on-line service called School Cash. This service allows a parent or student to create an account and sign-in at any time to see their current statement and if they choose, make payments on-line. In most schools, teachers and coaches are required to collect student fees in the classroom or on the practice field and it is often difficult to provide receipts and proper records and it requires teacher and student time that is better spent on learning. At Colonel Gray all payments are made on-line or in the main school office. We prefer to have payments made on-line as the time required for both parent and the school are significantly reduced.

School Cash provides helpful instruction related to creating your account, adding your students, viewing your statement, and making payments.

Parents, you will ‘create an account’ and then ‘add a student’ by providing your student’s first name, last name, and birthday to add them to your account. The student ID can also be used when adding a student. If you have any trouble creating your account you can call the main office (902-368-6860) at Colonel Gray for support.

Most common student payments:

  • $30.00 Student Fee. This fee is used to support many student enrichment activities, sports, clubs, student travel, lockers, etc.
  • Athletic Fees – we have over 200 student athletes that compete in inter-scholastic events all over the island, through the Maritimes and beyond. Students pay a portion of the travel costs and the cost of officials etc. When the event requires an overnight stay, the athletes pay the majority of the hotel costs. Specific fee information is provided to students through their athletic director, coach, team manager, or teacher leader.
  • Clothing Purchases – athletes and other clubs, and special groups will purchase team gear, t-shirts, etc.
  • Unreturned or lost items – If a textbook, library book, uniform, locker lock, is lost or damaged, the student will be required to pay for the item.
  • Athletics Booster Club Coin purchase
  • Yearbook